Thursday, January 3, 2013



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NIKON D40/40X/60/3000/5000
NIKON D3100/3200 
NIKON D300/300S/700 
CANON EOS 1000/450/500D
CANON EOS 550D/600D/650D 
CANON 10/20/30/40/50D


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Octopus Platinum NB-8L Battery
Octopus Platinum NB-7L Battery
Octopus Platinum NB-6L Battery
Octopus Platinum NB-5L Battery 
Octopus Platinum NB-4L Battery
Octopus Platinum LP-E10 Battery
Octopus Platinum LP-E5 Battery
Octopus Platinum LP-E6 Battery

Octopus Platinum S-005E Battery 
Octopus Platinum DLi-90 Battery 
Octopus Platinum BP-808 Battery 
Octopus Platinum BP-511a Battery
Octopus Platinum BLS-1 Battery
Octopus Platinum BLM-1 Battery Camera
Octopus Platinum 2200mAh NP-F570 Battery
Octopus Platinum NP-FW50 Battery 
Octopus DMW-BCJ13GK Battery
Octopus Platinum 900mAh NP-50 Battery Camera
Octopus Platinum 600mAh NP-BN1 Battery 
Octopus Platinum 1200mAh NP-BX1 Battery 
Octopus Platinum 1060mAh NP-BG1 Battery 
Octopus Platinum 800mAh NP-FP50 Battery Pack 
Octopus Platinum 800mAh NP-FH50 Battery Pack 
Octopus Platinum 650mAh NP-FD1 Battery 
Octopus Platinum 650mAh NP-BK1 Battery 
Octopus Platinum 650mAh NP-BD1 Battery 
Octopus Platinum NP-FM500H Battery
Octopus AHDBT-201301 Battery GO PRO
Octopus Platinum EN-EL9 Battery
Octopus Platinum EN-EL3e Battery
Octopus Platinum 900mAh EN-EL12 Battery
Octopus Platinum 1400mAh EN-EL5 Battery
Octopus Platinum 800mAh EN-EL8 Battery
Octopus Platinum 700mAh EN-EL10Li-40BLi-42BNP-45 Battery
Octopus Platinum 650mAh EN-EL19 Battery
Octopus Platinum 650mAh EN-EL11 Battery. 
Octopus Platinum EN-EL15 Battery 
Octopus Platinum EN-EL14 Battery

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Octopus Platinum EN-EL3E Battery Charger
Octopus OC-MPC Multi purpose 2 in 1 Battery Charger
Octopus Platinum 2100mAh EN-EL4a Battery + Charger
Smartphone External Charger.
2 in 1 Battery Charger For Canon LP-E6 LP-E8
2 in 1 Battery Charger For Nikon EN-EL14 EN-EL15
Octopus OC-AC88 AAAAA 8 Cells Battery Charger.
Octopus OC-AD48 AAAAA LCD Battery Charger
Octopus OC-AC18650 Universal Battery Charger
Olympus OM-D 1220mAh BLN-1 Battery + Charger
Battery Charger for Canon LPE5 Battery
Octopus Master Lock 2500mAh AA Rechargeable Battery
Octopus AHDBT-201301 Battery + Power Bank


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Meike Battery Grip MK-5DMK3
Meike Battery Grip MK-D800,D800E
Meike Battery Grip MK-D7000
Meike Battery Grip MK-D5100 
Meike Battery Grip MK-D3100 
Meike Battery Grip MK-D300 (MB-D10)
Meike Battery Grip MK-D90 (MB-D80) 
Meike Battery Grip MK-1100D 
Meike Battery Grip MK-550D 
Meike Battery Grip MK-60D 
Meike Battery Grip MK-40D
Meike Battery Grip MK-7D 
Meike Battery Grip MK-5DMKII
Meike Battery Grip MK-7100
Meike Battery Grip MK-70D
Meike Battery Grip MK-D600 / 610

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Phottix Battery Grip BP-D5000 for Nikon D3000/D5000
Phottix Battery Grip BP-D60 for Nikon D40 D40x D60 D3000
Phottix Battery Grip BP-A900 (VG-B90AM) for Sony A900
Phottix Battery Grip BP-A350 for Sony A200 A300 A350
Phottix Battery Grip BP-550D (BG-E8) for Canon 550D600D650D
Phottix Battery Grip BP-450D (BG-E5) for 450D 500D 1000D
Phottix Battery Grip BP-40D (BG-E2) for Canon 20D 30D 40D 50D
Phottix Battery Grip BP-7D (BG-E7) for Canon 7D
Phottix Battery Grip BP-5DMKII (BG-E6) for Canon 5D Mark II
Phottix Battery Grip BP-5DIII (BG-E11) for Canon 5D Mark III
Phottix Battery Grip BP-5D (BG-E4) for Canon 5D
Phottix Battery Grip BG-D7000 for Nikon D7000
Phottix Battery Grip BG-D5100 for Nikon D5100/5200
Phottix Battery Grip BG-D3200 for Nikon D3200 and D3100
Phottix Battery Grip BG-D800 Nikon D800
Phottix Battery Grip BG-D700 (MB-D10)
Phottix Battery Grip BG-D600 Premium Series for Nikon D600
Phottix Battery Grip BG-D90 (MB-D80) for Nikon D80 D90
Phottix Battery Grip BG-1100D for Canon 1100D
Phottix Battery Grip BG-60D (BG-E9) for Canon 60D
Phottix BP-A550 Battery Grip
Phottix Battery Grip BP-D7100 for Nikon D7100
Phottix Battery Grip BG-70D for Canon 70D 

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Aputure Battery Grip BP-E13
Aputure Battery Grip BP-E11
Aputure Battery Grip BP-E10
Aputure Battery Grip BP-E8
Aputure Battery Grip BP-E7
Aputure Battery Grip BP-E6 
Aputure Battery Grip BP-E5
Aputure Battery Grip BP-E2
Aputure Battery Grip BP-D5100/5200/5300
Aputure Battery Grip BP-D5000
Aputure Battery Grip BP-D3100/3200/3300
Aputure Battery Grip BP-D90 
Aputure Battery Grip BP-D15 
Aputure Battery Grip BP-D14 
Aputure Battery Grip BP-D12
Aputure Battery Grip BP-D11
Aputure Battery Grip BP-D10 

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Bronic Battery Grip (for Nikon D5100)
Bronic Battery Grip (for Sony A350A 300 A200)
Bronic Battery Grip (for Sony A77 A77V)
Bronic Battery Grip (for Nikon D7000)
Bronic Battery Grip (for Nikon D5000 D3000 D60
Bronic Battery Grip (for Nikon D3200 D3100)
Bronic Battery Grip (for Nikon D800 D800E)
Bronic Battery Grip (for Nikon D600)
Bronic Battery Grip (for Nikon D90D 80)
Bronic Battery Grip (for Canon 1100D)
Bronic Battery Grip (for Canon 550D 600D)
Bronic Battery Grip (for Canon 500D 450D 1000D)
Bronic Battery Grip (for Canon 400D 350D)
Bronic Battery Grip (for Canon 60D)
Bronic Battery Grip (for Canon 30D 40D 50D)
Bronic Battery Grip (for Canon 7D)
Bronic Battery Grip (for Canon 5D Mark III)
Bronic Battery Grip (for Canon 5D Mark II)




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Canon Battery Charger - LPE8 for Canon 550D/600D/650D
Canon Battery Charger - LPE5 for Canon 7D/60D/70D,/5D MK 2/3
Canon Battery Chargre - LPE8 for Canon 550D/600D/650D
Canon Battery Charger - LPE5 for Canon 1000D/450D/500D
Canon Battery Charger - LPE10 for Canon 1100D
Canon Battery Charger - BP511A for Canon 20D/30D/40D/50D
Canon Battery Charger - NB-4L
Canon Battery Charger - NB-5L
Canon Battery Charger - NB-6L
Canon Battery Charger - NB-7L
Canon Battery Charger - NB-8L
Canon Battery Charger - BP-808 

Nikon Battery Charger - EN-EL-3E  for Nikon D70 /80/90 / D300/300S/D700
Nikon Battery Charger - EN-EL-9  for Nikon D40/40X/60/3000/5000
Nikon Battery Charger - EN-EL-14  for Nikon D3100/D3200/ D5100/5200
Nikon Battery Charger - EN-EL-15for Nikon D600/D610/ D800/ D800E
Nikon Battery Charger - EN-EL-5
Nikon Battery Charger - EN-EL-8
Nikon Battery Charger - EN-EL-11
Nikon Battery Charger - EN-EL-12
Nikon Battery Charger - EN-EL-19

Sony Battery Charger - NP-FW50
Sony Battery Charger - NP-FH50
Sony Battery Charger - NP-F570

Olympus Battery Charger - BLS-1
Olympus Battery Charger - BLM-1
Panasonic Battery Charger - S005E
Panasonic Battery Charger - DMW-BCJ13GK

Pentax Battery Charger - DLI-90

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Sanyo Eneloop AA Rechargeable Ni-MH Batteries (2000mAh + Charger
Sanyo Eneloop XXX 2500 mAh + Charger



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Uniross Maxi AA/AAA Charger
Sony AA Rechargeable Compact Charger
Original Sony US18650NC1 (2900mAh) 18650
2pcs Sony 2900mAh 18650 Battery + OctopusRechargeable CR2 Battery Charger
Smartphone External Charger.
Original Samsung ICR18650-26F (2600mAh)
2pcs Samsung 2600mAh 18650 Battery + Octopus Koer 18650 (4200mAh) Rechargeable Battery
Flash 16340 (CR123A) 1200mAh Rechargeable
Efest Gold Edition 18350 (900mAh) Rechargeable
Efest Gold Edition 16340 (850mAh) Rechargeable
2pcs Efest CR2 Battery + Octopus Charger